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АвторАвтор: Alimok Дата8-03-2013, 23:34 КатегорияКатегория: Дизайн » Стили ПросмотровПросмотров: 423
WeGraphics - Minimal patterns for backgrounds
WeGraphics - Minimal patterns for backgrounds Minimal sites and posters beauty is based on few elements like typography, content distribution, color combination and awesome repeating patterns that fill the background. Today we’re releasing a great set containing 20 minimal patterns (10 for the light version and 10 for the dark one), that you can use to stand out the background of your sites and posters. PAT + PSD + JPG | 364 Kb

АвторАвтор: Alimok Дата8-03-2013, 23:32 КатегорияКатегория: Дизайн » Шаблоны ПросмотровПросмотров: 447
WeGraphics - Angels and Demons
WeGraphics - Angels and Demons Angels and demons is a new awesome set of illustrations created by Aldo. He started by drawing only the guide lines for body, then he added more details like shadows and wings. This set is perfect for t-shirt designer who want to enhance their works with outstanding illustrations. Provided both in vector and Photoshop brushes version. Ai + EPS + JPG | 5.31 Mb

АвторАвтор: Alimok Дата8-03-2013, 23:30 КатегорияКатегория: Дизайн » Кисти ПросмотровПросмотров: 453
WeGraphics - Feather Spirals
WeGraphics - Feather Spirals This set includes 15 unique brushes created with bird feathers and various animal furs. These brushes feature several spiral and rounded patterns. They are useful for creating organic styled backgrounds and unusual design layouts. Be the first designer on your block to use feathers in their work. Please note that no animals were harmed during the making of this brush set. ABR | 21.68 Mb

АвторАвтор: Alimok Дата8-03-2013, 23:28 КатегорияКатегория: Дизайн » Иконки ПросмотровПросмотров: 557
WeGraphics - Meteo, 512x512 pixels weather icons
WeGraphics - Meteo, 512x512 pixels weather icons Here is a unique set of 25 weather icons illustrated by Diego. Size is 512x512 pixels. Each item is provided in 3 formats: .png, .ico and .icns. Diego did the best to include almost every weather condition and to make each icon as realistic as possible. ICO + PNG + ICNS | 16.85 Mb

АвторАвтор: Alimok Дата8-03-2013, 23:24 КатегорияКатегория: Дизайн » Кисти ПросмотровПросмотров: 482
WeGraphics - Hand drawn baroque ornaments
WeGraphics - Hand drawn baroque ornaments Baroque ornaments are useful decorative elements, that can be used to ornate a type treatment or to embellish a poster design. Aldo created for our members 8 beautiful illustrations, firstly hand drawn on paper, then turned into digital items (both vector and Photoshop brushes version). Ai + EPS + ABR | 8.5 Mb

АвторАвтор: роман82 Дата8-03-2013, 22:46 КатегорияКатегория: Дизайн » Шаблоны ПросмотровПросмотров: 498
Великий полководец - шаблон для фотошопа
Великий полководец - шаблон для фотошопа 2465x3200 | 300 DPI | PSD | 69,6 mb Автор: роман82

АвторАвтор: Alimok Дата8-03-2013, 19:10 КатегорияКатегория: Дизайн » Шаблоны ПросмотровПросмотров: 478
WeGraphics - Shopping Bag Template
WeGraphics - Shopping Bag Template Mock-up templates are very useful, because they allow designers to show how a design looks on the final product. Today we are glad to release the template of a shopping bag, illustrated by Diego. To customize it, simply double-click on the layers of the three main shapes, and change their color overlay. PSD | 836 Kb

АвторАвтор: Alimok Дата8-03-2013, 19:06 КатегорияКатегория: Дизайн » Иконки ПросмотровПросмотров: 1232
WeGraphics - This is Art vol3
WeGraphics - This is Art vol3 This is the third volume of “This is Art”, a well-known icon set realized by Diego. As always, our icon designer made his best to create realistic and detailed illustrations. The size is 512x512 pixels, so these icons can be used for a great variety of purposes. PNG, ICO, ICNS | 4.74 Mb

АвторАвтор: Alimok Дата8-03-2013, 19:05 КатегорияКатегория: Дизайн » Кисти ПросмотровПросмотров: 526
WeGraphics - Watercolor Skulls
WeGraphics - Watercolor Skulls Watercolor brushes and skulls illustrations are design resources always appreciated. So why don’t mix them into a unique awesome set? Nathan created these brushes by combining different media into 10 high-resolution Photoshop brushes. ABR | 23.53 Mb

АвторАвтор: Alimok Дата8-03-2013, 18:45 КатегорияКатегория: Дизайн » КлипАрты ПросмотровПросмотров: 435
WeGraphics - E-commerce icons 128px Vol2
WeGraphics - E-commerce icons 128px Vol2 The choice of the right graphic elements can help designers to increase the conversion rate of an e-commerce. So here is the second volume of E-commerce icons, 12 awesome 128x128 pixels illustrations realized by Diego. PNG | 595 Kb

АвторАвтор: Alimok Дата8-03-2013, 18:43 КатегорияКатегория: Дизайн » Стили ПросмотровПросмотров: 486
WeGraphics - Minimal patterns for backgrounds (Grunge version)
WeGraphics - Minimal patterns for backgrounds (Grunge version) After the success of our Minimal patterns for backgrounds set, I decided to play a bit with grunge brushes to realize a new version of the same set. The result is more than satisfactory! These items are perfect to create site backgrounds that are clean and minimal, along with a dirty touch. PAT + PSD + JPG | 4.66 Mb

АвторАвтор: Alimok Дата8-03-2013, 18:38 КатегорияКатегория: Дизайн » Кисти ПросмотровПросмотров: 478
WeGraphics - Branches in Winter
WeGraphics - Branches in Winter I love cold weather… And nothing says winter like a leafless tree. It instills a feeling of cold days, snow, and wind. Which in turn makes me think of a warm fire, a toasty sweater and the holidays. This set includes 15 tree branches in winter. Add them to your next design project to add that feeling of frigid cold or a warm fire… Which ever you choose. ABR | 13.6 Mb

АвторАвтор: Alimok Дата8-03-2013, 18:36 КатегорияКатегория: Дизайн » Кисти ПросмотровПросмотров: 466
WeGraphics - Tribal Tattoos
WeGraphics - Tribal Tattoos We’re glad to release a set of 8 marvelous tribal designs. Try to apply them on people skin to create original tattoos or use them into your next vector-gothic composition. The set is provided both in vector (.eps and .ai) and Photoshop brushes (.abr) format. Ai + EPS + Ai | 1.72 Mb

АвторАвтор: Alimok Дата8-03-2013, 18:34 КатегорияКатегория: Дизайн » Кисти ПросмотровПросмотров: 555
WeGraphics - Type Splatters
WeGraphics - Type Splatters This set includes 15 brushes created with ink splatters and various font pieces. Each brush is a unique composition arranged by hand. This set could be used to make an excellent background composition for a writing blog, or for a hip and trendy newspaper site. Download this set and splatter type onto your next design! ABR | 1015 Kb

АвторАвтор: Alimok Дата8-03-2013, 18:29 КатегорияКатегория: Дизайн » Шаблоны ПросмотровПросмотров: 454
WeGraphics - Lounge Room Canvas
WeGraphics - Lounge Room Canvas Did you ever ask yourself how your works would look posted into the lounge room? Now you can, with this awesome mockup template realized by Diego! PSD | 4.77 Mb



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